Thank you for visiting Cheyenne Rose Design. I enjoy various forms of media and artistic expression. You will find an assortment of graphic design, art, and other little pieces  I’ve done. If you are interested in freelance design, please contact me by emailing

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I was raised in central Indiana, where I was encouraged by my parents to explore various artistic paths. From this, I discovered how much I enjoyed the process of being creative. I’ve applied that creative drive to numerous forms of design, artistic pieces, music, and crafting for most of my life. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College with majors in graphic design and art. During that time, I used what I was learning in the classroom directly in the workplace. I was given a priceless opportunity to work as a graphic designer in their publications office for 3 years. I was able to expand my creative interests and start building my portfolio. At that time, I created pieces seen by prospective students, current students, and alumnae. When I graduated early in 2011, I was offered a freelance designer position for an international company: Harvest Prayer Ministries. I have been designing a variety of pieces for this ministry since that time. Working for this ministry has been invaluable as well.

Along with these experiences, I have also applied my creativity to various projects in the local community. I designed the logo for the recently restored Tivoli Theatre in Spencer Indiana. I helped a teacher pursue her dream of creating graphics for her unique children’s alphabet. Friends and family have asked me to design invitations for their special events. For years I created decorations for vacation bible school at our church. My husband and I have worked together to build some websites for local organizations. Overall, I have had wonderful opportunities to utilize my artistic talents.